A Note about The America the Beautiful Show project

15 04 2011

America the Beautiful Show project is intended to be a way to help America’s families and communities rebuild the American economy and help one another within their own towns and cities across the country.

The main website that explains how to use the project for your own community can be found here –

The America the Beautiful Show project from CricketDiane & Cricket House Studios



There is also a nifty flash website that is much briefer and prettierĀ 


It was created by Mander Commander, who thought through and fought through how to use the fancy Wix site software to make a beautiful explanation about the purpose of The America the Beautiful Show project.

Check it out sometime and use it for your community. America needs you. Somebody’s gotta do it. May as well start from where we are.

– cricketdiane


4-Cr-America the Beautiful Show -image2755

4-Cr-America the Beautiful Show -image2755