Working on site

13 04 2011

This is the page I’m working on over at

The things from the cricketdiane weblog at wordpress are being placed on the site –

So far, there are fifteen galleries of artwork images with the rights to use the images available for purchase at $40 each image. That means to print it on something and make money with it which is really too little a price for that, but too large a price for most people to think it is a good idea. Figures.

– cricketdiane


But, I made a list last night of things that the images could be used on that would make money and it seems pretty ridiculous to offer two years of franchising the non-exclusive rights to use the image for $40, but there you go. That’s what I had guesstimated as appropriate to the market for a starting point even though it could very well be under-priced by a long, long way.

I did decide to make the purchased rights non-transferable such that the franchisee isn’t allowed to purchase a whole bunch of them and resell those rights to someone else. That seems fair.

Here is the list of what the images could be used on that could then be sold to customers –


coffee mugs


Can’t find the list, but it is here somewhere.

– cricketdiane


Going to go find the list.




Started putting the list on the first page of the website –

And here is the page with the Got No Money Guides








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