Just some nifty stuff

10 04 2011
A nifty way someone made a light character playing a piano – quick video with explanation


this is one of those 3-D prints believe it or not – all the elements are printed by a 3-D printer and then the elements placed where they belong for the model – if you haven’t seen 3-D printing, there are some videos of it – amazing.
Jay Leno has one of these desktop models of the 3-D rapid prototype machines which he uses to make replacement parts for the old cars he restores. (I’m not sure what particular company makes the one he uses.)


These are magnetic metal sculptures made from nano particles of ferro material fluids- very nifty –


This is a blog like I was talking about – very focused and attractive – a photo and a paragraph or two with info all along the edges about the same kind of things.



And, this – I would love for all of you and all of the children to see this one –

Scale of the Universe from the tiniest particle on one side of the slider to the greatest reaches of the whole universe – slide the slider at the bottom of the page to see it (works better doing it slowly to see the elements.)






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